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KegMon . Monitor your beer in real-time.

KegMon allows you to track the beer amount and temperature of your kegerator in real-time (with the right hardware / software installed for the kegerator).

Track it anywhere. Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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  • Beer

    Track the type of beer and number of beers left in each keg.

  • Temperature

    Track the temperature inside (or outside, if you want) your kegerator.

  • Recommend and Rate

    Recommend your favorite beers. Rate beers recommended by others.

  • It's Alive!

    The app has a personality of its own. When it detects a beer poured or temperature changed, it tells you (usually politely). Currently this is available on the iPad app only.

Build It

Obviously, you want to know how you can get KegMon to monitor your kegs. While we're working on providing a more detailed guide, here is a high-level list of what you need. Please contact us with questions!

What you need

  • A kegerator filled with keg(s). Homebrew? Commercial? Mass-market light lager? Rare craft beer? All ok.
  • A scale for each keg you want to monitor. Contact us for details about which models will work.
  • A temperature sensor (optional). Contact us for details.
  • KegMon server software (Download link available soon. In the meantime, contact us. Sound familiar?)
  • A computer to run the server software. Any old thing you might have around will probably work.


Use this form if you have questions about KegMon or feedback for making it better, especially if you want to build your own!

On FaceBook? You can visit the KegMon page here.